Amazing Toilets around the World

This Arctic outhouse offers a pew with a view of Salmivaara Fell. It serves a wilderness hut at the west end of Lake Saarijärvi, on the Nordkalottleden Trail that wends through Enontekiö in Finnish Lapland. The trail, an epic 500-mile odyssey linking Finland, Norway and Sweden, is Europe’s most northerly hike. (Photo by Janne Mankinen/Lonely Planet)

Writing in the Spectator in 1908, poet Blanche Baughan described New Zealand’s original Great Walk, the 33-mile waterfall- splattered, peak-punctuated Milford Track in Fiordland national park, as “the finest walk in the world” – and she didn’t even get to use these outhouses. (Photo by Chris R. Hasenbichler/Lonely Planet)

Chott el Djerid, a large salt lake in southern Tunisia, was used as the setting for Luke Skywalker’s boyhood home in the original Star Wars film. The Lars’ subterranean homestead may have been destroyed, but the Galactic Empire failed to extinguish the new hope represented by these roadside “comfort” toilets. (Photo by Lucio Valmaggia/Lonely Planet)

This restroom on the rubbly flanks of Jonsknuten in Norway looks up at the peak of the 904m mountain. Yu have to leave the door open to enjoy the view but the chances of being disturbed are minimal. (Photo by Olaf Menz/Lonely Planet)

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