13th Annual Photo Contest

“Tan your hide”. Fez, Morocco. A worker laying out dyed animal skins to dry at the Chouara tannery. (Photo by Natalia Ciobanu)

“Festive preparation”. Baghnapara, Bardhaman, West Bengal, India. Two girls prepare for the Gajan festival. They will perform a play based on Indian mythology. (Photo by Krishnasis Ghosh)

“Read between the lines”. Manama, Bahrain. A man in a mosque reads the Koran during the holy month of Ramadan. (Photo by Mustafa Abdulhadi)

“Disappearing lake”. Glen Canyon national recreation area, Arizona, US. A houseboat in shallow water in a canyon. The lake on the Colorado river provides water for Nevada, Arizona and California. In recent years, severe drought combined with withdrawals that many believe are not sustainable, has reduced water levels to about 42% of its capacity. (Photo by Rick Wilking/Reuters)

“Women workers”. Bangladesh. “I took this photo inside a workhouse where women were working under a tin roof. The beam of sunlight came from a broken shade”. (Photo by Abm Jahidul Islam)

“Catch the sunset”. Vietnam. A fishermen tosses his net. (Photo by Tuan Nguyen Manh)

“Women’s compartment”. Mumbai, India. Every day 7.5m people make use of the suburban trains in Mumbai. It is the biggest suburban network in the world and almost every train has separate compartments for women, to avoid sexual harassment. (Photo by Tamina-Florentine Zuch)

“Three black cows”. Staraya Erikla, Ulyanovsk, Russia. “After evening rain and a foggy morning, the sun rose over the autumn plain, and three black cows appeared through the mist”. (Photo by Valery Romanov)

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