Funniest Wedding Photos of 2015

Girl is sick after taking a shot at a wedding party. (Photo by Maria Erlic/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Couples bodies are apparently switched around in reflection. (Photo by Susan Elkenaar/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Naked bike ride messes up couples wedding photo. (Photo by Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Couple throw bouquet to hiker. (Photo by Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Dog takes a poo during familys wedding photo. (Photo by Mark Capilitan/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Man lifts beard to have his tie sorted. (Photo by Erica Ferrone/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Moustache illusion. (Photo by Fabio Mirulla/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Couple having wedding photo taken. (Photo by Dennis Jagusiak/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Husband wears underwear to show that he is now married to his wife. (Photo by Riccardo Bestetti/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Horse licks husband during wedding photo. (Photo by Hendra Lesmana/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Old lady with blow-up doll. (Photo by Bruno Lima/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Dog pees on wifes dress. (Photo by Vinicius Matos/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Wife getting into wedding dress. (Photo by Erik Shenko/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Fly lands on childs forehead. (Photo by Philippe Swiggers/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Man wears snorkel at wedding party. (Photo by Tom Harmon/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Dog attracted to wedding treats. (Photo by Daniel Ribeiro/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Optical illusion. (Photo by Julio Vasconcelos/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

Funny card during wedding ceremony. (Photo by Steve Young/Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

These hilarious photos will leave people wedding themselves with laughter. The images - which include photobombs, wardrobe malfunctions and unexpected animal behaviour - have been released by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographs (ISPWP). Each year the society holds quarterly competitions, celebrating a variety of the best image from couples special days. Other categories in the ISPWPs completions include the likes Getting Ready, First Dance, Family Love, and a selection of portrait possibilities. Here: Dog gets involved in wedding picture. (Photo by Vincent N.G./Caters News Agency/ISPWP)

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