A Century of Egyptian Photography

Hay Carriers, El Badrashin, Giza, 1957. Ramses Marzouk’s shots – sometimes coolly observational, sometimes erotic – are the result of his training in Italy and Paris, when he was on his way to becoming one of Egypt’s most celebrated cinematographers. (Photo by Ramses Marzouk)

A tram in Cairo, 1934. As well as capturing regal life, the court photographer Mohamed El Ghazouly also went into the streets of the city to create his work. (Photo by Mohamed El Ghazouly)

Aswan, Egypt, 2010. Photographer Aiman Nassar, meanwhile, talks of “opening new worlds before us, new hopes, new dreams … a playground of fertile and colourful moments”. (Photo by Aiman Nassar)

Princess Fawzia of Egypt, and Princess Nasl Shah of Turkey, at the Women’s Conference at the Dome Palace, 1922. The exhibition’s curator, Ayman Lotfy, says: “We can see the development in style and techniques from the past to present, and feel the daily life of the Egyptians in relation to their place. Also dealt with is the subject of a woman’s life in Middle Eastern society, and her efforts to protect herself while searching for freedom”. (Photo by Mohamed El Ghazouly)

Shobra, Egypt, 2010. Egypt is one of 23 countries represented at the Dubai Photo Exhibition, showing off photography that dates to the 1920s. Dubai Photo Exhibition is in various venues of Dubai’s design district from 16-19 March. (Photo by Aiman Nassar)

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